You’ll need the following:

  • Passport and driver’s license of the principal renter (must be valid within 12 months prior to rental)
  • A valid credit card from either the driver or passenger. Present the physical card to our specialist.

Want to share the driving responsibilities? Adding an additional driver is super easy. For campervans they must be 20-23 years old depending on the make or model and for larger motorhomes a minimum age requirement of 25 is necessary. All additional driver’s need to have had their licenses for at least one year prior to vehicle delivery.

Our employees and staff members make sure every vehicle is in top shape mechanically, stocked up with fresh bedding and towels, along with passing through a thorough cleaning. Due to this, we require a minimum of 24 hours for a rental period.

As it is typical and customary with any vehicle rental, we ask that you return your campervan or motorhome with a full tank of gas: just as it was turned in to you. If for any reason, you cannot do so, we will add refueling costs to your bill and your credit card on file will be charged. Please ask one of our specialists the specific price range for this service.

In Iceland, tourist and travelers can drive if their license is from:

  • Nordic or EEA nations (including Faroe Islands).
  • Any license that’s written in Latin characters or accompanied by an international driver’ permit translating the license into Swedish, English, Danish, Icelandic or Norwegian.

When you have checked out, 100% guarantee is given that you will have your rental available the days you have selected. However, the specific make or model is not guaranteed, but vehicles within the same class type will be honored.

Many of our customers are first time RV renters so that’s why we offer to help you with your online booking. There are tons of different ways to modify and configure your campervan or motorhome. The first question we’ll need to ask is, how many adults and/or children are traveling with you? Some of our vehicles are larger living spaces for more people or have additional sleeping quarters for children. If you have any questions, our 24 hour specialists are just a quick phone call away to help you choose.

Our motorhomes are all manual transmission, however, the good news is there’s a variety of automatic vehicles within our camper fleet.