Terms and Conditons

If you happen to unfortunately receive any parking or traffic citations, you will have to pay these fines with your credit card. A small local administrative transaction fee will be charged upon execution. Bring the tickets with you to the drop off and the check out attendant will walk you through the process.

Iceland has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for the adventure traveler. With this in mind, we highly recommend you plan way ahead. Reserve your campervan or motorhome along with any extras you may need as soon as you know that Iceland is your next trip. The peak travel season is of course summer time which begins in June and goes through August.

After you have gone to our site, chosen the specific campervan or motorhome that’s right for you, selected the appropriate extras and check out, you will then received a confirmation email with a pdf giving you further instructions and choices on how to pick up your vehicle.

When you arrive to your pickup location, you will have to pay for the remaining balance and turn in a valid credit card from either the main driver or passenger that’s present.

At Campervan Iceland, we completely understand and plan for untimely incidences or occurrences that limit or force you to cancel your travel plans. To begin with, we are very flexible with all our customers, as much as we can so please let us know immediately of any changes.

Unfortunately, once you pick up your vehicle no refunds for early drop off are offered. We schedule our cleaning, restocking and maintenance service way ahead of time and can’t work with unscheduled changes during the booked period.

As long as you top off the gas tank and clean up the kitchen area you should be ok. One of our services is to provide clean, sanitized and mechanically healthy vehicles to our each renter, so exterior cleaning is part of this service we provide.